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Top 3 Most Common Household Clogs

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing | March 14, 2018
We’ve rounded up some of the most common household clogs and what you can do to prevent them!
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5 Water Heater Failure Signs You Should NEVER Ignore

When it comes to water heaters, a little maintenance goes a long way. Don't get caught in the cold! Learn how to spot the signs of water heater failure.
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Avoid Holiday Kitchen Sink Clogs

Avoid Holiday Kitchen Sink Clogs

The turkey is trimmed and the pumpkin pie is baked. The last thing you need during the holidays is a kitchen sink clog! Avoid a holiday disaster with these kitchen plumbing tips.
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What’s the Best Type of Water Heater?

To many people, water heaters are simply that big tank that sits in the basement. But did you know there are several water heater varieties? We break down the two most common type of water heaters, along with their pros and cons.
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How Does Fall Weather Impact Tap Water?

Has your tap water been tasting a little funky lately? Autumn months can have a big impact on your water quality. It’s not uncommon to see heightened levels of the following chemicals due to seasonal shifts.
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