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6 Advantages of a Licensed Plumber

After splurging big-time over the holidays, saving money is on everyone’s mind. However, let’s consider the difference between shopping smart and cutting corners. That’s why we recommend always partnering with a licensed plumber backed by a company — such as the experts of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Unfortunately, homeowners occasionally choose the least expensive option, an unlicensed amateur plumber, when their plumbing is in jeopardy. Whether that’s a family friend, armed with DIY Youtube videos, or an unlicensed jack-of-all-trades they found someplace.  ­

So, how do we know that? Because we’re often called in as reinforcements to finish the job when unlicensed plumbers fall short.

Sure, we have a horse in this race, but hiring an unlicensed plumber to fix a complicated issue is like NASA hiring a motorcycle mechanic to repair a space shuttle.

Still making up your mind? Here are 6 great reasons to work with a licensed plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing instead of an unlicensed plumber.

Licensed Plumber Advantages

1. Advanced Technology 

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers aren’t only extremely skilled, they have elite plumbing equipment at their disposal.

For example, to locate and clear sewer line clogs, Benjamin Franklin Plumbers can use pipe cameras to investigate the location and nature of the sewer line clog. This allows our plumbers to know exactly what they’re up against. You wouldn’t want a doctor to operate without seeing the full picture — plumbing is the same way.

Few plumbers have access to this technology. Without it, all the plumber can do is attempt to destroy the clog with a mechanical snake — completely sight unseen.

2. Scheduling flexibility, including 24/7 availability

When you work with a full company of licensed plumbers, you can always schedule with a plumber when convenient and necessary. For Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, that means we’re available at a moment’s notice even if you need us in the middle of the night.

An amateur plumber can’t promise that availability.

3. Protection Plans and coupons

Going along with what we offer, we’re always finding ways for you to save while ensuring you receive every service you need.

Since we’re a full-fledged business, we can offer you coupons to ensure our prices stay competitive across the board.

See our monthly coupons.

In addition, rather than collecting big emergency repair paychecks, we always promote preventative maintenance. Our protection plans ensure you have the maintenance to keep your system running smoothly, while guaranteeing you a sizeable credit toward replacement in the event of an emergency breakdown.

Could you imagine an amateur plumber offering you a credit toward the repair or replacement? Heck no—that’s a benefit ONLY Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can offer.

Call us to learn more about our Protection Plans.

4. Trust in our plumbers

This is a topic in which the advantages of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing mean more than just savings and convenience. This comes down to the safety of your family and home.

Our friendly experts must pass background checks and random drug-testing — before they ever put on the uniform. We ensure the person you invite into your house is 100% safe.

Furthermore, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we are not only rigorous in our demands about a plumber’s skill, but his or her character as well. We only hire good people that we’d want around our families.

Another plumber you’d hire on the cheap very well could be a good person. They probably are—there’s just no way to know.

5. Better quality of work — guaranteed 

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers train to be the best in the business.  That Benjamin Franklin Plumbing exclusive training includes hands-on workshops and on-the-job apprenticeships with master plumbers.

Since we are a larger company, if one of our plumbers is stumped on your complicated job, he can call for advice or a fresh set of eyes on the problem. That means you’ll never be left with a repair that anything other than 100% accurate and complete.

Finally, if our repair fails, we will re-do it at no cost to you. That’s a guarantee that only Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can offer

6. Licensed plumbers are insured 

Since our plumbers are elite, they rarely make mistakes.  However unlikely it may be, if they make a mistake, they are insured. That means that if unexpected damage occurs as the result of our repair, our insurance pays to make it right.

On the other hand, unlicensed plumbers are likely not insured. Even though a budget plumber is more likely to make a mistake, insurance won’t be in place to cover the damage. If that happens, you have two choices:

  1. Pay for the damage out of pocket.
  2. Go through the hassle of taking the plumber to court.

Advantages of a Licensed Plumber: Wrap-Up

When you have a plumbing need—big or small — make sure you call an expert.

Plumbing is our specialty: we have the best equipment, the training for our experts, and we can give you peace-of-mind like no plumbing amateur can.

Contact us to schedule with our elite, licensed plumbers.


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