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Clogged Pipes?

“Mind if I use your bathroom?”

You can’t really say “no” but you wish you could.

These last few weeks, your plumbing has been…misbehaving, to say the least. The sink is slow to drain, the toilet is sluggish to flush, and your bathroom stinks like a sewer grate on a hot day.


Your friend comes back looking sheepish, “Umm, something happened. I didn’t do it. I swear.”

All over the floor of your bathroom. Everything you’ve been flushing down your toilet—liquid and solid— came back for a visit. You just witnessed a drain back up, the worst case scenario of a clogged pipe.

Clogged pipes cause toilets to clog and overflow.
This, all over the floor.

Your friend looks at you with a mix of pity and embarrassment, leaving you with a mess on your hands (floor).

Read on to learn about clogged pipes, what they can do, and an innovative technique to blast them out of existence.

Clogged Pipes: Background Info

Unfortunately, your drains aren’t magical black holes into outer space. Everything you flush leaves your house through a series of pipes.

What Causes Clogged Pipes?

Sludgy material that clings a little bit at a time to the sides of your pipes. Notorious pipe cloggers:

  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Shaving Cream
Soap and hair cause clogged pipes
Two in one. Nasty.

If your pipes clog, chances are, you didn’t do anything wrong. Clogs often occur as the result of normal use. When a little bit of sludge gets stuck, more gunk attaches onto that; call it a snowball (or sludgeball) effect.

Clogged Pipes: the Nastiness

The three biggest issues that arise from a pipe clog are:

1. Slow Drains and Toilets— Your drains and toilets take their sweet old time, if they work at all. You’ll break out the plunger every other day.

2. Lingering Sewer Stench—No matter how much you clean, no matter how many air fresheners you buy, you smell the stink of sewage.  Something to consider: if you can smell the sewage and you live with it every day, everyone else is guaranteed to notice it, too.

3. Drain Backup—This is the worst case scenario. A bad drain backup can make you redo your bathroom. Week old sewage? You don’t want to come face-to-face with that.

The clog gets worse…everyday.

Everything you send down the toilets is getting caught on a clog-sludgeball, growing into a worse clog. Every time you brush your teeth, every time you flush the toilet, it gets worse.

Chemicals to the Rescue?

So you’re going to try to do something about your clog, before you have any one else over…that’s for sure.

Seems like a whole grocery store aisle is dedicated to chemical drain cleaner. Should you buy some?


Composed of either a strong base or acid, the liquid drain cleaner can destroy your pipes just as effectively as the clog you meant to target. Drain cleaner erodes PVC pipes and metal pipes in particular.

Using chemicals on a clogged pipe can damage your pipes.
Pipes + Drain Cleaner = Holes

Also, there are more considerable health risks using it than you might think. Take a look at the extensive warning label if you don’t believe us. People hurt themselves every year using chemical drain cleaner.

So that’s not an option. What then?

Clogged Pipes Solution: Enter Aqua Bright


Don’t be.

We have a Benjamin Franklin exclusive pipe cleaning solution. Introducing the Aqua Bright.

The Aqua Bright is so powerful that we call it a pipe refreshing system, not just a pipe cleaner.

The Aqua Bright fires high-pressure jets of water down your drains and through your clogged pipes. The clean water annihilates the sticky sludgeball clogs, washing them down into the sewer where they belong.

Our system is safe for both your health and the health of your pipes. No toxic chemicals needed.

Tri-5 Guarantee

So how powerful is the Aqua Bright?

Not only will it destroy any clogs bothering you now, but your pipes will be so clean and slick that sludge won’t be able to stick to them.

We back the Aqua Bright with a Tri-5 guarantee, meaning that your house will be free of clogs for the next five YEARS, five MONTHS, and five DAYS! If a clog does occur, we’ll return to blast it again for free and offer you our 150% guarantee.


When you invite your friend back to visit, you’ll have to resist the urge to insist that they use the bathroom. You’re going to be so proud of your spotless pipes.

Let’s recap.

Normal plumbing use creates clogged pipes. Those clogs grow overtime and cause slow drains, a sewage stink, and worst of all, drain backups.

However, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we take care of your clogged pipes with our unique Aqua Bright.

Contact us to talk about your clogged pipes and all of your plumbing needs.


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