Hard Water stains

“Everything’s crap nowadays. It breaks as soon as you get it,” a bar patron started shouting. I was catching the game with an old friend at this nice place near my house.

“What are ya’ talking about?” Someone egged him on.

“Well, three weeks ago my washer broke down, and now my hot water heater broke too. They were less than four years old! You know what that’s gonna cost me?”

Everyone knows that our appliances are generally better designed and more reliable than ever. Here’s what that guy didn’t know, and what I didn’t tell him.

Hard water, the term for “hard” minerals in our fresh water, reduces appliance lifespan by one third. In fact, hard water stands as the primary reason appliances die before their time.

Read on to learn more about how hard water damages your appliances and what to do about it.


Fast Facts in 45 Seconds or Less

85% of US homes have some amount of hard water.

Water in northern New Jersey ranks as significantly harder than southern New Jersey.

Most common “hard” minerals:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

Hard Water’s hit list:

  • Your washing machine
  • Your dishwasher
  • Your refrigerator
  • Your hot water heater
Hard Water destroys refrigerators.
Casualties of Hard New Jersey Water? Could be.

Do I Have Hard Water, and How Hard is It?

Well, if you’re like the majority of Americans, then yes you do.

If you can physically see the buildup of white minerals around your drains that is a great indication you have hard water.

However, you can find out if do —and how hard — by bringing out a Benjamin Franklin Plumber for a quick yet thorough test.


How Hard Water Damages Appliances

When hard water evaporates, the water disappears but the minerals remain. You can observe this by looking at a glass washed in hard water. The cloudy white spots are mineral deposits.

When hard water evaporates in a water-dependent appliance the same thing occurs. Day after day, the water evaporates and the mineral deposits remain.

Over time, those minerals grow from being a cloudy texture into a large impediment.

For example, in a hot water heater, shower after shower, the sediment grows. It blocks the tank and covers the heating element.  Eventually the hot water heater can’t take anymore, and it breaks down.

The same thing happens to each appliance from the washing machine to the fridge.

hard water damaging a heating element
Hard minerals coating a heating element.

What Does that Mean for Me?

The opposite of a discount. If you have hard water, you’re paying full price for your appliances and only getting two thirds of what you bought.

It means that you’ll lose money consistently. That bar “know-it-all” wasn’t all wrong—it WILL cost quite a lot.


Benjamin Franklin’s Hard Water Solutions

Don’t be clueless like that guy who almost put a damper on my night out. Understand the gradual yet overwhelming power of hard water.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we offer five whole-house water softening solutions.

Our solutions may differ in how they deliver the healthy, water-softening salts but, each one keeps your water soft.

No matter which solution you select, we guarantee you’ll save in comparison to prematurely replacing your appliances.

Right now, every shower you take, every single load of laundry or rack of dishes you wash, destroys your appliances, little by little.


Get Protected

To find out which solution best fits you and your house, contact a Benjamin Franklin expert today.

Next month, I’m willing to bet that loudmouth will be complaining about how his dishwasher or fridge went belly-up.

After all, hard water reduces appliance lifespan by one-third.

Don’t be like him. Get protected, and enjoy your night out.

Contact us to talk about hard water and all of your plumbing needs.