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Plumbing: 2 Truths,1 Lie

Imagine: You’re the first one home from work on a Friday afternoon. You pull into the driveway, the couch is calling you—nap time. It feels like the start of a good weekend.

Unfortunately not…

Because when you get inside, you smell it.


Your nostrils sting, your eyes burn, you gag a little bit. When you investigate you see it: raw sewage bubbles from your drains: the shower, the sink, the toilet.

Knowing some basic plumbing facts can keep you from coming face to face with sewage.
This, everywhere.

You just fell victim to a sewer backup caused by a clogged sewer line.

Feeling brave? Watch a video.

Knowledge is Power: Learn Your Plumbing Facts

When it comes to your plumbing, what you don’t know can — and will — hurt you. Case in point, the sewer backup that ruined your Friday afternoon (and many other days too). You had never even heard of something like that before.

Want to learn about your plumbing? You’ve come to right place.

Just like the first day of school, we’re going to play a game of two truths and a lie. Read on to learn three crucial plumbing facts — one of which can save you from the fecal horror of a sewer backup.

Three Statements

Two of these statements are plumbing facts every homeowner should know.

One of these statements is a dirty, despicable lie.

Ready to play?

  1. A yearly water heater flush keeps your showers hot.
  2. Liquid drain cleaner is an essential every homeowner needs.
  3. Dumping grease down your garbage disposal is not safe.

Make your guess…


Knowing these plumbing facts is important as a homeowner.
Answers below

TRUTH — a yearly water heater flush keep your showers hot.

Did you guess right?

Over time and over thousands of gallons used, the minerals in your water begin to accumulate in your hot water heater.

If unchecked, those minerals will solidify, taking up usable space in the water heater. Professionally flushing out the sediment means your showers stay hot, year after year.

Our plumbers perform water heater flushes as part of our annual maintenance plan.

water heater noise from your water heater
Once per year, keeps your showers hot.

Ready for the next one?

LIE — Liquid drain cleaner is an essential every homeowner needs.

This lie stinks as a bad as sewer backup.

Seen as a remedy for clogged drains, traditional liquid drain cleaner hurts health and the health of your pipes — nothing is essential about that.

The irony though? It’s not even particularly effective at doing its job of clearing clogs.

A potent acid or base, drain cleaner often gets stuck in the bends of metal or PVC pipes, eroding them. A clogged pipe is a minor problem. Don’t turn it into a full pipe replacement.

What’s more, people injure themselves every year using chemical drain cleaner. For example, a lack of proper ventilation can cause respiratory irritation, or in rare cases, death.

Read more from the U.S. National Library of Medicine on drain cleaner dangers.

Instead, bring out a Benjamin Franklin Plumber to annihilate pipe clogs with our high-end equipment.

That means…

TRUTH — Dumping grease down your garbage disposal is not safe.

Grease down your garbage disposal is a no-go! Surprised? Lots of homeowners are.

What happens?

Remember, the nastiness of a sewer backup?

Pouring grease down your garbage disposal or sink is a MAJOR catalyst for that disaster.

Know your plumbing facts, and don't let this happen to you.
A real sewer pipe BLOCKED by fat and grease.

How does it happen? The warm liquid grease you dump down the drain hardens on the walls of your sewer pipe, and then cools into a tenacious solid.

It can take years, but…

When the line becomes completely blocked, your waste has nowhere left to go — except back where it came from.

What do I do with my grease? Do what we do: pour it in an old coffee can and trash it when it cools down.

Umm…I may need some help!

Use drain cleaner and concerned about your pipes?

Or worse, have you dumping years’ worth of bacon grease down the drain?


Don’t be. Just get some answers. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We inspect your pipes and sewer lines with a camera to assess the risk.


Save yourself from a sewage back-up (and save your hot showers).

Lets recap:

  1. A yearly water heater flush does keep your showers hot.
  2. Liquid drain cleaner should be AVOIDED by every homeowner.
  3. Dumping grease down your garbage disposal is not safe—in fact, it’s one of the worst ideas out there!

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.

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